What is bilge dumping and why has it gone unnoticed?

What is bilge dumping? Bilge dumping is an illegal practice where cargo vessels and tankers release bilge water into the ocean. Bilge water is present in most modern vessels fueled by heavy oil. This toxic liquid is thick, oily sludge and extremely hazardous to marine life. Bilge tanks are located in “the lowest compartments ofContinue reading “What is bilge dumping and why has it gone unnoticed?”

The consequences of invasive species.

What are invasive species? Invasive species are any organisms that have been introduced into different habitats around the globe. These are sometimes referred to as non-indigenous, alien, exotic and/or immigrant species. The consequence of introducing invasive organisms into foreign ecosystems has huge environmental, economic and social damage. Today, there are around 17,000 classified invasive speciesContinue reading “The consequences of invasive species.”