Is the Great Pacific garbage patch a threat to global food security?

What is food security?
According to the UN (United Nations), the World Food Summit back in 1996 defined ‘food security’ as the ability to produce enough food to support the global population and ensure everyone at all times, has access to affordable and nutritious food supply. Access to such foods will allow consumers to meet dietary needs and have the ability to live a healthy and productive life. The UN estimates, 25,000 people die from hunger or hunger-related diseases every day with 854 million around the world battling food insecurity.

Could algae become the plastic of the future?

What are algae?
Algae is a simple organism that is mostly aquatic, nucleus-bearing or photosynthetic. It is a dark green plant that contains no roots, stems, vascular tissues or leaves. This organism can be found in multiple different structures like single-celled phytoplankton that sit on the top of water or even in seaweed structures often called macroalgae. Algae can be found anywhere where there is water. Lakes, ponds, oceans, rivers and sometimes snow.