Your grass lawn is a global disaster.

What’s the issue with grass lawns? Grass lawns found predominantly in first-world countries have become a staple in landscaping and development, occupying huge amounts of land and resources. Whilst the immaculate grass lawns look impressive, the history behind this obsession carries a dark past and has dominated vast amounts of land that could otherwise beContinue reading “Your grass lawn is a global disaster.”

Why we need to rethink what bees we are saving.

Why are bees so important? As many know, bees pollinate plants which are vital to the survival of ecosystems; us included. Over the day, a bee will visit hundreds of different flowers to gather pollen, and will, subsequently, deposit a small amount of that pollen into the stigma of another flower. This exercise helps pollinateContinue reading “Why we need to rethink what bees we are saving.”

The true impact your cotton clothes have on the planet.

What are the most common clothing materials? The main clothing materials used are synthetics (polyester, nylon and elastane), cotton, wool and silk. These materials can be used in clothing products and beyond the clothing industry. However, this text will specifically explore the cotton industry and the humanitarian and planetary effects associated. Whilst a cotton shirtContinue reading “The true impact your cotton clothes have on the planet.”