Is the Great Pacific garbage patch a threat to global food security?

What is food security?
According to the UN (United Nations), the World Food Summit back in 1996 defined ‘food security’ as the ability to produce enough food to support the global population and ensure everyone at all times, has access to affordable and nutritious food supply. Access to such foods will allow consumers to meet dietary needs and have the ability to live a healthy and productive life. The UN estimates, 25,000 people die from hunger or hunger-related diseases every day with 854 million around the world battling food insecurity.

Why we need to rethink what bees we are saving:

Why are bees so important?
As many know, bees pollinate plants which is vital to the survival of the ecosystem, including us. Over the day, a bee will visit hundreds of different flowers to gather pollen. After collection, the bee will drop a small portion of that natural goodness into the female section of another flower. This process helps pollinate flowers which in turn, results in producing additional seeds for flowers to grow in the future. Without bees, this process could never be done and ultimately leave detrimental impacts on the food supply for all organisms that roam the earth.