What is light pollution and just how detrimental is it?

What is light pollution?
According to National Geographic, light pollution is the excessive or poor use of artificial light outdoors. Types of light pollution include but are not limited to, glare which is the excessive brightness, causing visual discomfort; skyglow which brightens the night sky over populated areas; light trespass when artificial light is directed into not intended or irrelevant spaces; and clutter which is the combination of different light sources that is too bright, excessive or confusing. Light pollution is a huge but often unrecognised global issue.

Is this brilliant yet controversial plant natures solution to our chaos?

What is hemp?
Hemp is a part of the Cannabis sativa class and is often associated with marijuana, a plant used for medical and industrial purposes. Hemp was first grown in central Asia as early as 280 BCE and used in ancient China to grow and produce foods, textiles and paper. Hemp sits alongside bamboo as some of the quickest growing plants on earth. Today, this plant is estimated to have over 25,000 different uses with the potential to rid many industries of fossil fuels as a far greener alternative.

How to have a sustainable Christmas in 2021 and years to come:

Why is Christmas unsustainable?
Christmas is the season of celebration where families connect and mass amounts of food are devoured until we feel unwell. However, due to the immense consumption of food, gifts and bright lights, Christmas is often a secret villain making the season of celebration, a season of destruction on the environment. However, there is a greener way to spend Christmas. A way that provides the joy and convenience of traditional Christmases while looking after the health of planet earth.