Catch the latest environmental news.

Keep up with the latest environmental news regarding current political policies, social action and more. Hear about the latest natural disasters and their effects, and articles ranging from newly detected zoonotic diseases, IPCC, UN and WHO updates, and upcoming sustainability developments.

2022 updates

2021 updates

Australians travel to Glasgow to join Greta Thunberg and thousands at youth-led protests at COP26 climate conference.

Queen will not attend COP26 climate change summit.

Eco-anxiety: 75% of young people say ‘the future is frightening’.

Massive oil spill off southern California coast is an ‘environmental catastrophe’.

Australia’s Scott Morrison under climate pressure at home as biggest state boosts targets.

Boris Johnson to tell UN that COP26 must be ‘turning point for humanity’.

Ida turns New York City into a front line of extreme weather super-charged by climate change.

Scott Morrison’s stance on climate change is a ‘code red’ in itself.

Global carbon dioxide levels continued to rise despite pandemic.

Young Australians ‘screaming’ for climate action but don’t trust leaders to make change, survey suggests.

China ‘must shut 600 coal-fired plants’ to hit climate targets.

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