Our fascinating planet of insects, animals and all that lie in between – part one.

This blog offers a glimpse into some of the most interesting, yet underappreciated, life forms that share this planet and their fascinating characteristics. A specific feature or attribute will be explored for each given organism which will hopefully serve as both a gateway towards more fascination with the natural world and as a warning toContinue reading “Our fascinating planet of insects, animals and all that lie in between – part one.”

If the future of zoos were animatronic, would you be interested?

What are animatronic animals? For young children and new families, a walk through the zoo represents a common tradition across much of the globe. A zoo is a place where children explore the natural world behind the comfort of thick glass, with evidence suggesting such places can even boost future scientific and conservation endeavours inContinue reading “If the future of zoos were animatronic, would you be interested?”

The consequences of invasive species.

What are invasive species? Invasive species are any organisms that have been introduced into different habitats around the globe. These are sometimes referred to as non-indigenous, alien, exotic and/or immigrant species. The consequence of introducing invasive organisms into foreign ecosystems has huge environmental, economic and social damage. Today, there are around 17,000 classified invasive speciesContinue reading “The consequences of invasive species.”

The magnificence of fungi.

What are fungi?Fungi are a part of the eukaryotic organisms class and can range from microorganisms like mould and yeast to more commonly known varieties like mushrooms. In 2017, there were between 2.2 million and 3.8 million different species within the fungi kingdom. Fungi inhabit almost every location on planet earth, yet mostly unnoticeable withContinue reading “The magnificence of fungi.”